Are you interested in becoming a editor/reviewer for the JCROT?
The major duties of the editors and reviewers are to evaluate the quality, relevance, and merit of submitted papers by providing the comments, which should be as detailed as possible and contain clear opinions about strengths, weaknesses, and importance to the field.

The JCROT does not currently charge any fees for the accepted articles. However, IJCTO expects to pay the editors and reviewers for their services once we start charging the publication fee for the accepted articles in the future. Also, editors will never have to fee any kind of fees if they wish to publish in JCROT.

If interested in serving as a reviewer, please REGISTER with the website as to receive the updates and article review requests from the journal. The reigstration link is: http://ejourpub.com/index.php/JCROT/user/register

During registration, pleasure make sure to check all 4 boxes as show in the picture below: